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Open Enrollment & Transfer Information

Open Enrollment & Transfer Information -- (Link to Student Transfer Application at Bottom of Page) 

Woodson ISD is accepting OPEN ENROLLMENT transfers for Resident and Non-Resident students. Transfers are considered on a case-by-case basis and require District approval. Criteria for approval includes academic history, discipline, attendance, and passing all sections of the most recent STAAR or other recognized test if STAAR is not available (kindergarten, second grade, private schools, parochial schools or home schools).

Woodson ISD will accept applications for grade levels K-12th based on campus capacity. The number of openings for transfer students is limited. Transfer applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. There will NOT be a tuition fee for out-of-district students for the current school year; however, this waiver will be reviewed in successive years.

Completed applications will be processed during the month of June. The applications will then be reviewed administrators and/or a committee to determine final placement. Parents will be notified electronically and/or by phone of the status of the application. Once the application has been approved by both the campus Principal and Superintendent, the parent should confer with the office to make arrangements for registration.

All students who are outside the campus attendance boundaries must reapply and qualify annually. Any student may be denied annually based on behavior, academic failures, excessive tardies, late pick-up or attendance. 


Any student who requests and accepts a transfer to a school other than the one in his or her home attendance area shall be required to provide his or her own transportation to and from school or bus pick-up location. 

The Process

  • The Superintendent or designee will declare schools open or closed for students transfers based on campus capacity, special circumstances, and/or other administrative considerations.
  • The process of selection is on a first-come, first-served basis for students who meet the Limited Open Enrollment criteria.
  • All applications for transfer are required to meet all of the following standards:
    • The student must have at least 95% attendance for the previous semester and the last six weeks.
    • The student must have passed all portions of his/her latest state mandated test/assessment exam. Students from home school, private school or non-accredited school will be administered a District test in which the student must score in the 70th percentile or above.
    • After review of a properly completed application, first year students from outside Woodson ISD will be required to provide copies of grades, attendance, and test scores from the previous grading period and semester as well as any pertinent documentation related to Instructional Services needed. The campus Principal or designee may request to meet with the parents and student prior to open enrollment approval.
    • If a student has special needs or services, the specialized staff and space capacity will be considered to determine approval.
    • Placements will not be made on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, disability, or national origin.
    • Siblings of current Limited Open Enrollment students will be considered for enrollment following the same criteria.
  • Factors that will be considered in approving Open Enrollment transfers include but are not limited to: building capacity, current program or campus enrollment, growth projections, grade level enrollments, teacher allocations, professional staff allocations, and the student's academic, behavior, and attendance history.


A student who becomes a non-resident during the course of a grading period may be permitted to continue for the remainder of the six week grading period. Prior to the end of the grading period, parents may request an Open Enrollment transfer application if the student qualifies and space is available. If approved, the student may remain at the campus as long as he/she meets the criteria in the same manner as other transfer students.

Potential reasons for Approval/Denial 


  • Space/program availability.
  • Student meets all required criteria.
  • Change of residence during the school year.

If the student comes from Home School, Private School or Non-Accredited School:

  • Satisfactory scores on District administered test at 70th percentile or above.


  • History of poor attendance, late arrivals, late pick-ups, and/or discipline infractions.
  • For the purpose of participating in athletics at receiving campus.
  • Falsification of information.
  • Failing grades.
  • Failing state mandated test scores.
  • Failure to meet district criteria for transfer.
  • Decreased campus staffing.
  • Elementary projection exceeds 15 per class for K-12.
  • Student projections reach 95% of campus/program capacity (the district reserves the right to adjust class size
  • Failure to submit all records from previous district.

Special Notes

  • Students entering kindergarten are exempt from attendance and academic standards.
  • Students who move from one high school to another are ineligible for varsity competition for one year per UIL rules.
  • Students who transfer for athletic purposes may lose all remaining eligibility.

The campus Principal may revoke a transfer based on the student's poor attendance, excessive tardies, inappropriate student behavior, or violations to student code of conduct.

Additional Information: Casey Adams - 940-345-6521



What is Limited Open Enrollment?

Limited Open Enrollment is a program that allows children who do not live within Woodson ISD's boundaries to apply for enrollment.

What grade levels are eligible for Limited Open Enrollment?

Student application will be accepted for K-12th grades.

How does Limited Open Enrollment work?

Parents of a child living outside Woodson ISD must complete an electronic application and submit it to the district. Once an application is received, campus Principal and Superintendent will evaluate it and determine whether the student's application will be approved. Campus Principal will meet in person with student and parents before final approval.

Is there a tuition charge or fee for non-resident students?

No. Students who are accepted through the Limited Open Enrollment program will attend school in Woodson ISD at no charge. However, please note that elective courses, lab courses, etc. often require class fees, which are required of any student, regardless of whether he or she is a resident.

When is the next Limited Open Enrollment period?

Application for the Limited Open Enrollment program will be accepted during the year but processed in June. Applications must be submitted electronically.

Where can I get an enrollment application form?

The Limited Open Enrollment form will be available on the district's website and must be submitted electronically.

My child participates in University Interscholastic league (UIL) activities at his current school. Will he be eligible to continue participating in Woodson ISD?

Per UIL, students who participate in UIL academic and music events such as debate, band, or orchestra will be immediately eligible to participate in those same events in Woodson ISD (as long as the student is eligible under UIL general eligibility requirements). However, non-resident students participating in varsity athletics must be enrolled in Woodson ISD for the entire previous calendar year before they may compete. This rule does not apply to junior varsity and lower teams, which are considered sub-varsity teams.

Are siblings of a student accepted into the district through Limited Open Enrollment automatically considered for enrollment in subsequent years?

They are held to the same criteria for enrollment as the first student i.e. staff and space capacity at a school, whether he/she has been expelled or placed in a disciplinary alternative education program in the previous twelve months, specialized staff and space capacity if a student has special needs.

What if a student who enrolls through Limited Open Enrollment violates district rules?

Board Policy FDA (LOCAL) states that students who transfer into the district may have their enrollment revoked if they do not follow all rules and regulations of the District, including those for student conduct and attendance, and that violation of the District's rules and regulations may result in revocation of the transfer agreement.

How long will the Limited Open Enrollment program be continued?

The district's policy on Limited Open Enrollment Board Policy FDA (LOCAL) states that the Superintendent may designate an open enrollment period each year. However, if there is not space available, then the Superintendent could simply choose to not designate an enrollment period.

Does Woodson ISD have room to add more students?

In some instances the district has the capacity for additional students. Because we already have the space, it is somewhat similar to having a bus or airplane with open seats. It will not cost us to add students. However, we will get additional state revenue from the students' attendance.