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Highly Qualified Teacher Report -  Updated: 10-16-14

District Improvement Plan
2019-20 District Improvement Plan

Tax Rates:
2020-21 - Ordinance Setting Tax Rate
2019-20 - Ordinance Setting Tax Rate
2018-19 - Ordinance Setting Tax Rate
Proposed Budget:   2020-21 Proposed Budget
Adopted Budget:     2020-21 Adopted Budget

Proposed Budget:   
2019-20 Proposed Budget
Adopted Budget:     2019-20 Adopted Budget

Proposed Budget:   
2018-19 Proposed Budget
Adopted Budget:     2018-19 Adopted Budget

Adopted Budget:     2017-18 Adopted Budget

District of Innovation Proposed Plan 2017-2022
District of Innovation Proposed Plan 
Board Election:       Notice of Election - May 4th, 2019